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Things I like beginning w/ T

(ann_stringer) challenged me to make a list of 10 things I like that begin w/ the letter T. She did this almost a month ago. Had she give ne the letter P, I would have started this with the word Procrastination ...

1 Tea – I'm a tea drinker. Every morning I fight through the corporate zombies waiting, cups in hand, for the precious pot of coffee to dispense its’ percolated goodness. I squeeze by, steal some hot water from the little spicket attached to the coffee machine, drop in a little Splendra and my tea bag of choice and, in a few minutes, the work day is a little more bearable.

Today's tea was Vanilla Pear.

2 Twilight Zone – Love the show. Watched a classic episode last night.

3 Tomatoes – Spaghetti Sauce. Chili. Sandwiches. Pizza. It's a vegetable that thinks it's a fruit, or vice versa. Anyway, it's sort of a transvestite plant.

4 Shaun of the Dead – I've seen it so many times, my friends have referred to it as 'The Movie' so that counts.

5 The Works of Thomas Ligotti – One of my favorite writers. Thomas begins w/ T. Am I reaching here?

6 Treats – Who doesn’t love a treat now and then?

7 Tennessee – I love living here. Well, I love Nashville.

8 Toots – When she was a kid, my mother’s nickname was Toots.

9 Terrible films. I enjoy a bad film now and them. Don't you have when people look at your CD or book or movie collection and ask if you have anything good? When my movies, I can honestly say 'No, they all suck' and at least be partially right.

10 Temptation – Temptation is, for me, usually delicious.
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Big Misunderstanding

I am on the panels I thought I was on. Just a scheduling screwup and I let it get to me. I was an ass. My apologies to Derek. And thanks again for promising not to punch me when you see me.

Thank goodness it wasnt over something important. Someone could have been mortally sporked.

A few days of a) not thinking about work b) talking about books and movies all weekend and c) shopping for strange things I dont really need should ptu me in a much better mood.

My wife better have all the fun she can at D*C this year, because next year we plan to go to Worldcon in Montreal instead.
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Guess I Won't Be Talking Too Much After All

I saw the schedule on the web site today and it looks like I'm just a big fat liar.

I've been taken off three of the DragonCon panels. One could be a misprint. No way THREE of them is. I'm still moderatin' the Humor panel on Friday and the Zombie panel on Saturday. At least I am so far.

If you have suggestions of what else I should do for fun this weekend, let me know.

I know it's silly, but I was looking forward to doing these panels. It's a crappy way to find out I won't be needed on them.
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I'm talking too much at Dragon Con again

(M)=Moderator (P)=Panelist


5:30PM Cairo (M) Funny As Hell Humor in horror
8:00PM Montreal (P) Lights! Camera! Cthulhu! Lovecraft films


11:30AM Cairo (P) That 70s Horror Show Kolchak, Night Gallery, etc.
10:00 PM (M) Mondo Zombie Zombies in Fiction


2:30PM Cairo (M) Amicus: Scream and Scream Again
Philip Nutman’s presentation on Amicus Studios
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(no subject)

I have come to the conclusion that, barring some extreme examples, all non-Macish laptops are the same. I am probably buying an HP DV9825NR. This is not to be confused with the DV9815NR which has more of this but less of that and that and that.

This may be the most boring post I have ever made, but I submit that this is still more interesting than a picture of a cat.
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Need Advice On Laptops

I'm considering buying a new laptop computer. You can help me decide which one to get.

1. Tell me about your laptop - the good, the bad and the ugly. Let me know whart kind you have, any specs I may need to know, how long you had it, how it has worked for you and how service has been.

2. Please post on your blog that I'm comparison shopping and point others to me so they can tell me thier laptop stories.

C'mon! It'll be fun!

I'll mainly be using it for email, writing and dialing into work. I wont be playing a lot of games and will probably get rid of Solitaire as soon as I get it. I may be working w/ Access on it and doing a few publishing jobs as well (flyers, signs, etc.). I'll also play music on it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I’ll be panelizing or moderationalizing at Dragoncon this year. Here’s my schedule.

10:00-11:30 Zombies 101 Panelist*
1:00-2:30 Universal Monsters Panelist
5:30-7:00 Zombie Movies Panelist*

1:00-2:30 Horror Comics Moderator

1:00-2:30 Short Stories Moderator

The asterisk (*) indicates the panel is part of the Apocalypse Rising track. Otherwise I’ll be in the Gothic Shadows track.

I’ll be watching the door at a couple of others, but who wants to see me do that? I’ll post a complete Gothic Shadows schedule soon.

Track me down and say hello!!